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A home to share.

Soqueta is a gastronomic home, which seeks to divulge and promote Majorcan cuisine.
It’s an outgoing, street-level cuisine. Open door, because Soqueta wishes to be an easy, direct entrance to the way of being on the island and above all, to our gastronomy which is defining in our culture. I invite you to cook and enjoy the simplicity of sharing a table with the calm which characterizes the island.
Everything revolves around an antique kitchen table which belonged to an old Majorcan farm-house, and which we are, all together, going to bring to life again.
In Soqueta we take great care in choosing the items we are going to cook, and we use products locally grown from majorcan farmers, home-made or artisanal from the island.

Our experiences

Based on Mallorcan tradicional recipes

Mallorcan gastronomy is a huge part of Spanish cuisine and Mediterranean culture.

Soqueta experiences deliver the authentic total immersion to the Mallorcan culture of the island, in each workshop, you will live a representative part of the local gastronomic life.

Soqueta Experiences Pastry
Soqueta Experiences pastry
Soqueta experiences, Mallorca

Local, traditional, personalized

Our workshops take into consideration your allergies and intolerances

I'm Paula Mas Boned and I’m proudly a Majorcan chef.

I am a local insider and food traveller explorer. And I’m passionate about people: their culture, their history, their way of doing things and their way of living. I speak food language and I believe gastronomy unites us all, and the best way to immerse yourself in culture is by eating, smelling, cooking. It related history, tradition, religion, local product, agriculture, family and, above all, sharing. And in that way, I live and share my food passion and my roots through Soqueta.

Let's cook together

With our hospitality and the food we cook together, you will get familiar with local culture, history and enjoy what you will not find anywhere else on Mallorca island.